What the CIOs said in 2013 about digital and the customer experience

With Forrester espousing the Age of the Customer and the Government, led by Mike Bracken and Liam Maxwell, pushing for public services to be 'digital by default', here's what the CIOs we spoke to in the last year had to say on the digital revolution, customer experience, and marketing relations.

Customer experience

"We pride ourselves on quality of service. This is not a race to the bottom and we are not after the £2 delivery. ‘Great service every time’ and ‘See it, own it, act on it now’ are the messages from the board to the organisation; they stick to it and this appeals to me as that is how I am."
DX Group CIO Mike Sturrock

"Responsive design is in danger of becoming the Big Data of 2013-14. Is a marginally better user experience really going to drive your business forward?"
Financial Times CIO Christina Scott

"The customer experience is the first consideration of not just information management, but for every department at TfL. One of the first considerations when you're making a simple change across the IT estate is what the impact is on the travelling customer. And if there is an impact, what is the benefit?

"We realise we have improvements to make; our customer satisfaction survey is at an all-time high but we're not sitting back - we're looking at ways we can improve that."
TfL CIO Steve Townsend

"We have a deep, deep relationship with the customer and in the 900 branches we have the managers and staff that know their customers very, very well. Our culture is very different from pure retail."
Former Travis Perkins CIO JJ van Oosten

"Paul Smith has always said the customer is number one, so the in-store and online experience are very aligned and I think we have always been good at that."
Paul Smith IT director Lee Bingham

"The key for me is the seamless interaction between in-store and online and is the customer connected to us. Next year we will continue to enable this and look to implement WiFi in more of our stores."
Former Boots IT director Jonathan Vardon

"It shouldn't be hard to customers, it should be enjoyable for them; which isn't just good for the company but also for the industry."
Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm

"We're now migrating to a customer-centric model, whether it's shopping, purchasing, planning, on board the ship, or just learning about our product. It's about being able to put the customer first."
Royal Caribbean CIO Bill Martin

Marketing and brand

"It’s a cool brand that resonates with the customers"
Wiggle CIO Mark Dermody

"The top and bottom ends of the market has been protected. If you are brand-centric and have a loyal base of customers you are protected."
Paul Smith IT director Lee Bingham

"The principles that the founder wrote down are so relevant to today and we really connect with them – working with others for the benefit of others working for yourselves. We need to modernise, but not lose that vision."
Co-op CIO Andy Haywood

"We are the World Economic Forum with an important brand to protect; we need to have certain standards.

"We have to train and educate people at our organisation, but we also have to ask why they would go outside of the IT department to get other tools?"
World Economic Forum head of IT Malte Godbersen

"We've got a trusted brand and risking that by selling our data to third parties just isn't worth it and isn't part of our core business."
Former TheTrainline.com CIO David Jack

"I've put my faith in trust with a supplier and organisation with proven experience. They've taken us under their wing - we're not big in terms of size but we are big in terms of brand."
Aston Martin head of IT Simon Callow


"It will be personal success if 'digital factory' is killed by 2016."
Renault CDO Patrick Hoffstetter

"Digital is a very positive message, but only if we know what digital actually means."
Sheffield City Council CIO Paul Green

"The heart of our thinking is that technology affords us the benefit of dealing with customers digitally and in the case of business, it’s what business wants."
Former HMRC Mark Hall

"My remit is the technology for the core FT; that goes across print and digital.

"The opportunities are at the front end, while at the back end it’s about efficiencies, process and ensuring employees are able to do the job with the right tools."
Financial Times CIO Christina Scott

"Everything we are doing has a digital lens."
Former Boots IT director Jonathan Vardon


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