Middle East solar energy startups to watch, as region diversifies

Middle East public and private sector entities look to solar energy for cost efficiency and economic diversity.

There’s a new opportunity in the Middle East. The oil-rich nations of the region are pumping money into clean energy and related technologies like never before and about US$100 billion worth of projects are in the pipeline - setting the stage for hundreds of energy startups.

From helping enterprises and state-owned utilities transition to ‘smart’ grids and meters to building industrial-scale solar farms that could power a small city, startups are transforming the region’s energy systems as they make use of internet of things (IoT) systems to monitor customer demand and boost efficiency.

In the solar industry, first generation technologies are still the main driver of growth and hold the majority of the market value despite the big gains that have been made in the field of perovskite solar cells – an emerging technology for photovoltaic systems, which use semiconducting material that converts light into electricity.

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