6 business concepts IT leaders should master

CIOs who talk tech must also master critical business lingo when speaking to their leadership peers. Here are some essential terms.

6 business concepts IT leaders should master
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Communicating the value of technology is critical for any CIO seeking to curry favor for their digital business initiatives. So it follows that engaging fellow leaders and the board of directors in buzzword bingo will sound the death knell for even the best laid tech plans.

Instead, when it comes to communicating the business value of technology, IT leaders must speak and think like their business peers, says Art Langer, academic director of Columbia University’s executive masters of science in technology management program.

“You need to think like the people around you think,” says Langer, who helps IT leaders learn how to communicate to board members. “Nobody is interested in talking about technology.”

Rather, CIOs must be conversant in business concepts that help them deliver, iterate on and measure efforts for augmenting operations and the customer experience (CX). Here CIO.com leans on the wisdom of consultants and analysts to define key business lingo — the lingua franca of corporate finance and MBA programs — with which CIOs should become familiar.

Digital business KPIs

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