What is AIOps? Injecting intelligence into IT operations

Organizations seeking to better monitor IT assets are turning to artificial intelligence to get ahead of performance issues and to automate fixes before negative impacts are felt.

What is AIOps? Injecting intelligence into IT operations
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Cloud platforms, managed service providers and organizations undertaking digital transformations are beginning to reap the benefits of an emerging IT trend: the use of AI-powered IT operations technology to monitor and manage the IT portfolio automatically.

This emerging practice, known as AIOps, is helping enterprises head off potential outages and performance issues before they negatively impact operations, customers, and the bottom line. But the more advanced deployments are beginning to use AI systems not just to identify issues, or to predict issues before they happen, but to react to events with intelligent, automated mitigation.

But what exactly is AIOps and how are organizations putting it to use today? Here we take a deeper look at the technologies, strategies, and challenges of AI-assisted IT operations.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is an emerging IT practice that applies artificial intelligence to IT operations to help organizations intelligently manage infrastructure, networks, and applications for performance, resilience, capacity, uptime, and, in some cases, security. By shifting traditional, threshold-based alerts and manual processes to systems that take advantage of AI and machine learning, AIOps enables organizations to better monitor IT assets and anticipate negative incidents and impacts before they take hold.

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