Inside Tata Consultancy Services’ massive reskilling transformation

In 2016, TCS launched the Global Learning Initiative to upskill talent at scale and ensure its workforce has the digital skills necessary to facilitate clients’ digital journeys.

Inside Tata Consulting Services’ massive reskilling transformation
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With more than 400,000 associates in 46 countries, Tata Consultancy Services has no shortage of talent. But in 2016, with digital transformation and industry disruption taking hold, Tata’s leadership recognized that the company’s workforce needed a way to learn valuable digital skills.

To do so, TCS needed to overhaul its learning and development approach, which was individualized and haphazard, as well as slow and inefficient. So it set about revamping its learning platform using a microservices-based architecture to provide curated content and externally certified courses and to integrate seamlessly with learning applications such as Lynda, Skillsoft and Safari — all on one platform to meet learners’ demands at scale.

Reskilling at scale

“‘There’s no such thing as legacy people, only legacy technologies,’” says Ashley Fernandes, head of digital talent development programs at TCS, quoting then TCS CEO and current TATA Group Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran. “Our strategy has always been attracting the best talent globally, reskilling and transforming them to foster innovation and build a results-oriented, high performance culture. The difference this time was the scale at which this needed to be done and how we were using technology to democratize the talent development process at large.”

Catering to the learning needs of the more than 436,000 employees across the globe was a significant challenge, as was encouraging every associate to adopt it.  

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