10 board readiness training programs for directors and executives

Whether you’re new to the board, a seasoned veteran or just aspire to be on a corporate board, these 10 board readiness training programs will get you prepared for the job.

New technology, social and political issues, compliance regulations and industry trends can impact how a corporate board operates and how directors and executives can be successful board members. And with each passing year, those issues can shift and change quickly.

Board leadership training is a great choice whether you aspire to be on a board or have sat on a corporate board for decades. Board governance best practices can change year to year, and it’s important to stay on top of your industry with the latest research, governance training and networking opportunities for executive leadership.

These 10 board readiness training programs are designed to help you get board-ready, whether you’re new to the board or a seasoned board member.

Board Leadership Program

The Board Leadership Program is a membership service that gives you access to corporate board member events and exclusive online resources and training. Membership will also get you access to onboarding support, which helps new directors navigate the process of joining a board through fundamentals guides and online training courses. You’ll also get access to on-demand content that includes conference video recordings, session summaries and key takeaway reports, members-only webinars, white papers and special reports, research reports and benchmarking data and other educational guides and online training courses.

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