Women in Tech Q&A: Meltwater's Julia Nill on Africa SaaS, AI trends

African enterprises are starting a migration to SaaS and cloud services. Julia Nill, a speaker at this week’s Women in Tech conference in Cape Town, shares insights on how enterprises are taking advantage of the move and related applications like AI and analytics.

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Africa's data centre infrastructure is becoming more robust every year, and many enterprises try out cloud platforms first with software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. Often, the reason to move to the cloud is to deploy AI and business intelligence applications.

As Enterprise Solutions director at Meltwater EMEA based in Cape Town, Julia Nill needs to stay on top of these trends. Meltwater is a SaaS company that develops media monitoring and business intelligence software, and Nill  has worked and travelled across Africa, Middle East and Europe, managing and growing several different teams in the organisation. As a speaker at this week's  Women in Tech Africa 2020 event in Cape Town, she'll be touching on the use and future of AI in business. [Editor's note: Since this story was posted, the Women in Tech conference has been postponed, out of consideration for global travel restrictions in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus.]

Nill spoke to CIO Africa about the state of African markets with regard to enterprise tech and the issues around diversity and inclusion. Edited excerpts follow:

 What are some of the most interesting use cases you've seen AI-driven data analytics being applied to?


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