7 secrets of successful remote IT teams

Don't let geography diminish your IT team's productivity. These simple tips will help you get everybody working collaboratively and effectively wherever they are.

7 secrets of successful remote IT teams
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When there's a contagious disease outbreak, a natural disaster or any other type of widespread emergency, IT team members may be required to work from home or at some other safe location until normal business operations can resume.

Maintaining productivity and ensuring that essential IT services continue functioning uninterrupted throughout the emergency period can be challenging for both IT leaders and staff. Here are seven tips that can help you keep key operations and activities humming along even during the worst of times.

1. Get organized

Most IT work can be handled remotely as long as the tasks don't involve hands-on interactions with enterprise physical assets. "Design and planning meetings are still best done in person, but even these meetings can be done adequately from home with screen sharing and online whiteboard tools," says Joe Wilson, owner of Volare Systems, a Denver-based custom software development company with a largely remote staff.

Any organization possessing a strong set of norms and operating procedures should be able to quickly assemble a capable remote IT team, or transition into one, says Anita Williams Woolley, associate professor of organizational behavior and theory at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business.

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7 secrets of successful remote IT teams