These top Middle East IoT projects are paving the way to smart cities

Government-funded public administration initiatives are leading the way to adoption of internet of things (IoT) networks and related edge network, 5G and analytics applications in the Middle East.

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The internet of things (IoT) is disrupting industries, creating new ways of doing business but also posing technical challenges for IT executives. In the Middle East, a growing number of public administration and major smart city initiatives, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, has fueled adoption of IoT and related edge network, machine learning and 5G technology.

IoT networks combine IT and OT (operational technology) including edge-network sensors, control systems, back-end servers and a wide range of applications. 5G connectivity plays a big part in Middle Eastern IoT deployments, and the GSMA predicts that 5G adoption will reach 16% in the GCC by 2025.

Government-funded applications are putting some cities in the region on the cutting-edge of IoT deployment globally.  The region's IoT industry is booming, with spending on related technology expected to hit nearly $18 billion by 2023, according to IDC.

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