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In the course of day-to-day operations, enterprises capture an enormous amounts of machine data. This data comes from many sources, including sensors and devices, applications and operating systems, networks and web traffic, and more. It can originate just about anywhere, from the core of the data center to the edge of the network.

To unlock the value of this asset, your organization needs to put data analytics to work to gain operational intelligence and real-time insights into the business. Monitoring and analyzing machine data can help your business and IT users improve operations, understand customer behavior, keep tabs on web traffic, streamline financial analysis and more.

Herein lies the challenge. Traditional data analysis, management and monitoring solutions are not engineered for high-volume, high-velocity and highly diverse data. Machine data comes in many different formats that can be difficult to process and analyze with conventional business intelligence and data warehouse tools, which are designed for structured data with rigid schemas.

To overcome these challenges, many organizations are turning to Splunk Enterprise, a software platform that enables users to collect, search, organize, analyze and visualize machine data gathered from diverse sources. Splunk Enterprise ingests log and streaming data from each data source, indexes the data stream, and parses it into a series of individual events that users can view and search.

The Splunk web interface can also be used to analyze data at a deeper level. Users  can combine data, ask questions, find answers, take actions and address business objectives. The Splunk search language, lookups, macros and sub-searches reduce hours of tedium to seconds of simplicity. Tags, saved searches and dashboards offer both operational insights and collaboration opportunities.

If your organization is looking to capitalize on the capabilities of Splunk Enterprise, you need a solid infrastructure platform that combines servers, storage and networking devices in a purpose-built solution. That’s the idea behind the new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics – Splunk Enterprise on Dell EMC Infrastructure.

This Ready Solution delivers Splunk Enterprise analytics on cost-effective, scalable and flexible Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Specific components of the Ready Solutions for Splunk Enterprise on Dell EMC Infrastructure include:

  • Compute: Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 and R740xd servers
  • Storage: Dell EMC Isilon H-series
  • Network: Dell EMC PowerSwitch S4148F-ON and S3048-ON
  • Software: Splunk Enterprise

Based on a reference architecture designed by Dell Technologies, Intel and Splunk, this Ready Solution is inspired by extensive customer experience with real-world Splunk production installations. The architecture offers several configuration options that are designed and optimized for different Splunk workloads — to deliver the right operational intelligence for your organization.

The bottom line

Data analytics with Splunk Enterprise on Dell EMC Infrastructure allows your enterprise to unlock the business value that is inherent in diverse types of machine data from the across the enterprise. And today, Dell Technologies makes it easier to put Splunk to work in your environment with new tested and validated Ready Solutions for Data Analytics that deliver Splunk Enterprise on Intel-based Dell EMC Infrastructure.

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