African CIOs: 4 key IT leader tips for handling the coronavirus crisis

CIOs can leverage their knowledge of the enterprise to ensure business continuity as COVID-19 hits, and lay a path to recovery.

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The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 disease has prompted many businesses in sub-Saharan Africa – often under government orders -- to instruct their employees to work from home and restrict business travel. In this environment, enterprise IT leaders can, and should, exercise leadership that helps their businesses minimise disruption, according to tech executives polled by CIO Africa.

CIOs are expected to help ensure that productivity is maintained, disruption is minimised, and revenue losses are curbed. C-suite executives are more than ever reliant on IT leadership to ensure that the tools that allow employees to be productive are put in place and running optimally.

But IT leadership extends beyond ensuring that enterprise networks can handle the spikes in connections coming in over virtual private networks (VPNs) from remote workers.

CIO Africa spoke to said Sudhish Mohan, CIO and COO for TransUnion Africa, and Yoav Tchelet, Chief Technology Officer at Amrod, the corporate clothing and gifts company, and former CIO of Bayport Financial Services, on how leveraging technologies including cloud can be advantageous for remote working; best practices for leading virtual teams and meetings; and how to demonstrate good leadership in times of crisis.

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