Saudi Arabia KPMG CIO: Prioritise people for IT project success

Abdulrahman Al-Yahya outlines how KPMG has invested in the region, and lessons learned from the global consultancy's own digital transformation journey.

abdulrahman al-yahya
Abdulrahman Al-Yahya

The rate of digital disruption is accelerating in every industry. All CIOs today are familiar with the concept of "adapt or die," and companies worldwide are using technology to offer services that deliver a competitive advantage.

Pressure to complete IT projects in a timely manner is getting more intense. To achieve success in their  transformation journey, many enterprises turn to consulting companies.

"Many senior executives feel their organizations are not capable of driving the transformational changes necessary to create higher-performing organizations," according to KPMG research on business transformation. The global consulting company has a presence in more than 150 countries and a worldwide workforce exceeding 200,000 employees; it's one of the Big Four accounting companies. 

Among its services, KPMG aims to help clients improve their results through business transformation, a process that includes strategic definition, operational improvement,  redefinition of processes, and digital transformation – an overhaul of IT platforms to support the business-process changes.

Consultants do digital transformation, too

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