Boardroom Bound

5 key ingredients for the ideal board resume

Whether it’s a DIY rewrite of your executive CV or a professionally produced document, every board candidate needs a resume that shines.

Concise, relevant and factual. Yet also personal, engaging and polished. Preferably on one impressive page.

That what your resume should be when it lands in front of the board of directors considering you for that open seat.

“It’s about how you brand yourself and tell your personal story,” says Jean Holley, former CIO of Brambles and an experienced board director. “Be real about who you are. You have to highlight the value you would bring to the board.”

As a board member for the past 14 years at a publicly held data security company, Holley chairs the governance committee and regularly reviews slates of candidates. She’s also held free “board readiness” workshops for small groups of executives across her professional networks in Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco.

In one of those workshops, she set out the ideal ingredients for a board resume. She says applicants should:

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