Africa embraces tech as it races to control the spread of coronavirus

For now, it seems Africa has escaped the worst of the pandemic, and much of that success can be laid at the door of innovative thinking around technology and health.

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As winter settled in over Africa in April and May of 2020, people across the continent braced for the worst. There was a widespread expectation that the COVID-19 pandemic would wreak havoc across the continent and that the numbers of infections and deaths would accelerate like they were doing in countries like Brazil, Italy and the U.S. And indeed South Africa has been hit hard by the virus, but deaths have remained muted and, broadly speaking at this stage of the pandemic, the continent seems to be faring better than expected. 

Of course, there's still a long way to go, and it's possible that the numbers are vastly under-reported, but there have also been innovative uses of technology that have stopped the coronavirus in its tracks and made a material difference in the lives of many people.

Here's a quick look around the continent at some of the most interesting African solutions that have emerged in these unprecedented times.

Healthcare services are the primary focus

The pandemic has been a great accelerator for innovation and co-operation across Africa. In June, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the launch of the Africa Medical Supplies Platform, which describes itself as a website "partner with governments at all levels to assist COVID-19 response teams with sourcing, procurement, and distribution of critical medical equipment."

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