Saudi Arabia to push multicloud, security adoption in wake of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is speeding up adoption of cloud and emerging technology in Saudi Arabia, IDC says, but it is also likely to expose security weaknesses amid rising geopolitical tensions.

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The outbreak of COVID-19, which has caused Gulf countries to enforce lockdowns and businesses to scramble to set up technology that allows staff to work at home, will lead Saudi Arabian enterprises to increase their use of multicloud computing environments and enhance security tech, according to IDC.

More than 25 percent of Saudi Arabian enterprises plan to use a combination of on-premises and dedicated private cloud systems, public clouds and legacy platforms, according to IDC's annual Saudi Arabia CIO Survey.

"IDC expects to see more and more organisations across the Kingdom embracing multicloud," said Hamza Naqshbandi, IDC's country manager for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, in a press release.

The novel coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 disease has accelerated reliance on multiple workloads, Naqshbandi noted.

The outbreak has become a catalyst for increased demand for a number of technologies that Saudi Arabian government agencies and enterprises have been investing in for some time: mobile apps, government-service internet portals and emerging technology including drones that can monitor public spaces and thermal imaging to screen for infectious diseases. These different applications create different types of workloads suited for, and served, by different types of data centre platforms.

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