How Ruckus is bringing the power of cloud to Wi-Fi management

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi provides a view of your Wi-Fi network that is not only easy to use, but also has very powerful tools to monitor performance and troubleshoot problems.

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Remember when cloud revolutionised spinning up a server? The same revolution is happening in Wi-Fi management through a smart meshed, cloud-based system from Ruckus.

Remember when the first truly game-changing cloud systems emerged? How cloud email allowed you to search tens of gigabytes of email instantly, from any device? Or when setting up a new server became a matter of clicking a button in a cloud interface, rather than hauling iron?

The same sort of revolution is occurring in Wi-Fi management now, and networking vendor Commscope is in the lead, with its Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi suite.

According to Commscope, the intelligence provided allows more clients to be served by fewer access points, thanks to the heavy lifting occurring in the cloud, and administrators can have visibility to their entire Wi-Fi infrastructure, even across widely geographically distributed sites.

New sites can be set up in seconds and registered into the cloud system, and new access points can be activated and provisioned via the same interface. 

In fact, the whole system can be administered via a smartphone, meaning the workload involved in managing access control and user issues is greatly reduced compared to logging in to monolithic legacy systems. Making it truly mobile network management from anywhere anytime.

The fully featured smartphone support means activating an access point can be as easy as using the phone’s camera to scan a barcode on the back of the device, rather than having to type it in manually.

From 35,000 feet down to individual user level

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi provides a view of your Wi-Fi network that’s as easy to use as Google Maps, but also has very powerful tools to monitor performance and troubleshoot problems.

For example, policies can be set to share bandwidth fairly among all clients like upload and download speed limit policing per client.

The network analytics function provides up to six months’ history to help you understand how your network is being used. Top applications by traffic reporting can help you spot client usage trends and identify whether any additional policies or policing may need to be set to manage bandwidth.

Setting up secure guest networks easily 

The Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi product also allows secure guest network access portals to be set up without any of the authentication backend hassles. Custom-branded captive portals can be activated in a few seconds, supporting modern public single-sign-on methods including Facebook, Twitter, Google or even one-time SMS.

Try it free 

If you already have Ruckus access points in your network, you can try Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi for 60 days for free! Sign up today. 


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