Cloud powers Trojan Battery through COVID-19 lockdown

Trojan Battery’s director of IT has been a believer in software as a service for years. With employees now on lock-down, he’s reaping the benefits of remote everything.

Cloud powers Trojan Battery through COVID-19 lockdown

For Matt Irey, director of IT at Trojan Battery, the COVID-19 outbreak has underscored the advantages of running IT in the cloud.

As businesses across the country closed down to wait out the pandemic, the California company’s office staff picked up their laptops or tiny desktop PCs, headed home and carried on working as usual.

A big believer in software as a service, Irey has moved nearly all of Trojan’s IT infrastructure into the cloud since joining the company in 2011. HR and payroll run on Workday, ERP is provided by Plex, identity management by Okta, phones are with RingCentral, the network is managed with Cisco’s Meraki, and desktop productivity runs on Microsoft Office 365.

Servers still monitor Trojan’s production lines, which make deep-cycle batteries for data centers and other applications, but otherwise, by December 2018, when Pennsylvania-based battery manufacturer C&D Technologies bought Trojan, the company was a cloud-based shop. C&D’s owner, KPS  Capital Partners, liked the look of Irey’s lean IT operation and asked him to take on IT for the whole company. Now a team of just 15, including Irey, serve more than 1,500 employees, spending a fraction of 1 percent of the company’s near-billion-dollar revenue on cloud services.

Unity in adversity

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