7 ways to root out IT staff incompetence

To err is human, but repeated IT blunders can invite organizational disaster. Here's how to clamp a lid on your frequent fumblers without crushing team morale.

7 ways to root out IT staff incompetence
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Every IT leader wants to run an organization that's renowned for its performance, precision and speed. Unfortunately, those noble goals can often be derailed by poor performers within the IT ranks. The sticky part is uncovering this often hidden issue and dealing with it without becoming every staff member's worst enemy.

Whether it’s an employee you’ve inherited or one who has turned out less stellar than you thought during the hiring process, overmatched IT employees not only struggle in their roles, they also can't often recognize their own poor performance, no matter how much evidence is presented to them, observes Leon Adato, head geek at IT management software provider SolarWinds.

"On top of that, they cannot perceive competence, or even excellence, in those same skills in others," he notes. "When you have someone like that, there’s literally nothing you can do to explain to them what's wrong; you can only get them out of that role as quickly as possible."

Dealing with performance-sapping staffers is a distracting and unpleasant task. Gaining control over the challenge requires careful observation, tactful counseling and perceptive solutions. Here are seven steps designed to help you root out and overcome performance challenges and build a highly skilled and proficient IT team.

1. Identify the problem

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