5 tips for technology business management success

The TBM framework can help your organization better align IT spending with business goals, while reducing unnecessary costs. Here’s how to ensure a smooth transition when implementing the framework.

5 tips for technology business management success
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To align IT initiatives with business strategy, today’s IT leaders must ensure IT spending is streamlined toward achieving organizational goals. Here, the technology business management (TBM) framework can help.

TBM is a flexible framework for integrating IT into the organization as a whole. By implementing TBM, your organization can gain a greater understanding of its IT costs and spending and find ways to reduce costs and inefficiencies, by uncovering unnecessary spending that doesn’t align with corporate strategy. Companies that adopt TBM can foster greater transparency between IT and the business, offering hard data that shows how IT spending benefits the entire organization and specific business goals.

“TBM is about getting lots of people inside of the IT organization and within the lines of business on the same page about spending, resources, and priorities, across the entirety of IT,” says Jarod Greene, general manager of the TBM Council. “This means understanding not just the project portfolio or the capital outlays on IT; it’s about managing both the run-the-business and change-the-business spending.”

If you’re looking to integrate the TBM framework into your business to gain more transparency over IT cost and spending, here are some tips that will help smooth the transition.  

Start with strong leadership

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