9 top certifications for UAE database administrator tech jobs

Database administration is vital for businesses, and demand for these positions has increased over the years. However, as cloud computing options continue to take hold in the UAE with the recent expansion of major cloud providers in the region, technology, the database administrator (DBA) role is evolving. Here are certificates that will help you keep up with rapid changes in the IT market, and land a new job.

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There is rising demand for database administrators (DBAs) in just about every sector of the UAE's economy,  ranging from banking and insurance to oil and gas.  In the UAE and the rest of the Middle East, the technology and business landscape is evolving, but a lack of educational opportunities in IT-related subjects and a strong preference for traditional careers is leading to a widening skills gap between business requirements and local talent.

Database administrators (DBAs) are responsible for installing, monitoring and managing an organisation's databases. Their duties include testing, backing up, and securing production databases, as well as working with developers on ongoing projects.

With companies of all sizes increasingly dependent on IT, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are becoming more fertile ground for professional growth for database administrators. And though large enterprises and SMEs alike are turning to cloud providers to host data, database administrators are in demand at those companies as well. Certain types of data are likely to be kept on premises for regulatory compliance, and businesses typically want to keep some database administrators in house to help shape data strategy for the business and perform tactical tasks such as migration.

To survive in this market, IT workers have to keep their knowledge relevant by picking up new skills and certifications. Based on job requirements posted on various websites and portals, CIO Middle East has compiled a list of certifications that will help aspiring database administrators land a job in the Gulf country.

Since the database administrator role is evolving beyond its traditional functions, those interested in a database-oriented career path should take a broad view of the skills they will need, and consider training in related areas. Some data-related jobs call for basic competency in different areas of IT; this is reflected in the list below.

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