Verizon calls on emerging tech to revamp work experience

Verizon’s network specialists no longer rely on tired technology to execute tasks, thanks to a unified digital platform comprising RPA, machine learning, chatbots and other leading-edge tools.

Verizon calls on emerging tech to revamp work experience

Verizon is calling on emerging technology to rescue network and technology specialists from clunky legacy software. The telecommunications company has distilled functionality from more than 20 legacy applications into a digital platform that employees use to support the development of 5G and other critical systems, says Lynn Cox, Verizon’s senior vice president and network CIO.

Called Canvas, the platform layers predictive analytics based on machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, intelligent search and other tools atop a hybrid cloud, says Cox.

"These are the tools people need to plan, build and run the network and provision services better," Cox tells

Canvas, which was nominated for an IDG CIO 100 award recognizing achievement in technology innovation, is the centerpiece of Verizon's initiative to make operations more efficient by digitizing manual processes and consolidating workflows from several disparate systems. But more importantly, Canvas improves the morale of the employees who use it.

Companies that offer compelling workforce experiences generate 22 percent higher engagement among their workers, who are also four times more likely to stay in their jobs, according to Deloitte. Moreover, the consultancy says, organizations with the best workforce experiences also enjoy a 12 percent greater customer satisfaction than other organizations.

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