Q&A: Consult stakeholders and aim for long-term goals, for IT success

Telecommunications companies are on the forefront of change in IT, and for society at large. UAE-based telecoms tech leader Pedram Dehghani talks about how CIOs should keep in mind the benefits of tech projects for all stakeholders, and long-term goals.

pedram dehghani
Pedram Dehghani

Digital transformation can improve the lives of consumers by leading to new services, while opening the door to new sources of revenue. The telecommunications industry is at the cutting edge of this transition, both as an industry that is experiencing shifts in its market environment, and as a key industry driver of new technology adoption.

Pedram Dehghani, a UAE-based tech leader with over 19 years of experience managing IT infrastructure and mobile technology projects as a CIO, talks to CIO Middle East in this Q&A about his experience providing IT solutions and security defense to telecom operators. An edited transcript follows.

Many telecommunications companies are working to transform themselves in order to operate and deliver value in new digital ways. What are some challenges you have faced during this journey?

A great challenge I think many CIOs can relate to in the telecommunications aspect of DT is being able to constantly bring something efficient and compatible that all can relate to, with content and ancillary telecom services in mind. Being able to offer something that can be both efficient and beneficial for the whole team while still entering the cloud is a challenge.

One of the pillars of success in the digital transformation process is the involvement of the entire organization, including senior management. Why is this crucial? As CIO how do you encourage employees to be part of the digital transformation journey?

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