9 top certifications for network engineers in Saudi Arabia

As Saudi Arabia, along with other Middle East states, accelerates digital transformation efforts, network engineers are in demand -- but the role is evolving as enterprises adopt software-defined networking (SDN).

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Increasing enterprise usage of cloud technology and the growing software orientation of networks has changed the skills, training and resume must-haves for network engineers, an in-demand IT job in Saudi Arabia as well as other Gulf and Middle East countries where big government initiatives and economic conditions are driving digital transformation in a range of organisations.

A network engineer is an IT professional who oversees computer networks that support an enterprise's data, voice, video and wireless network services. Network engineers are responsible for installing and configuring network systems, investigating faults or administering firewalls and other security technology, performing disaster recovery operations and data backups.

Network engineers also are often involved in planning networks, though a more senior-level engineering role focused on the design of networks across an enterprise may fall into the job category of network architect, depending on terminology used at a particular enterprise.

Network engineer and network admistrator are often terms that are used interchangeably, depending on nomenclature used in a particular organisation, but network administrators typically have less of an executive or planning role and are more focused on day-to-day maintenance of networks.

According to Payscale, network engineers in Saudi Arabia have an average salary of SAR 81,388 (US$21,667) per year, compared to just SAR 57,594 (US$15,333) for an accountant.

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