7 sure-fire ways to sour the business on analytics

True data value depends on business insights. Here’s how to ensure your analytics initiatives make sense to those who will benefit the most.

Data analytics is one of the most powerful resources enterprises have at their disposal. But the value of analytics can diminish significantly if the tools and process in use are not friendly and broadly available to the business users who need them.

Afterall, these are the people who will be leveraging the data to gain insights in areas such as sales, marketing, product development, customer support, and customer experience.

“Data by itself is not analytics,” says Bryan Phillips, senior vice president of technology and CIO at Alpha Packaging, a manufacturer of bottles and jars. “At some point in time you have to understand the problems, issues, opportunities that the data is indicating, otherwise it’s just data or pretty pictures.”

Here are seven ways organizations fail to ensure that their data analytics efforts are friendly toward business users.

Forego a data strategy — or fail to align it with the business

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