7 in-demand IT jobs in the UAE, as CIOs face post-coronavirus economy

As the UAE begins its economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, the outlook for job-seeking IT professionals is bright. Dramatic changes in business models brought on as a result of the pandemic will require heavy support from the IT department as enterprises recover in the post-COVID economy.

Stephen Lawson/IDGNS

While the job market overall is slowly beginning to recover from the pandemic-fueled drop seen in the first quarter of this year, the IT industry has made small gains throughout the crisis, according to LinkedIn data. Software and IT services proved the most resilient sector in the UAE during the pandemic, with job postings on LinkedIn increasing by 66% from the previous year.

As IT departments adjust to a wealth of new demands either brought on or accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, hiring managers are looking for IT professionals who are prepared to support business continuity while remaining flexible.

Digital transformation efforts -- in particular projects aimed at curbing operational cash outlays -- are increasing the demand for certain supporting roles in the UAE.

"Just about every industry or sector is looking at digitalization --  with particular movement across financial services and government sectors," said Ian Pollington, senior manager for  Strategy, Technology and Digital, at recruitment firm Michael Page Middle East.

Enterprises in the UAE are looking for candidates with expert levels of competency in specific IT solutions and tools to aid their response to the new demands of the shifting IT landscape.

"In terms of data and analytics professionals," said Pollington, "there are clear benefits to having tangible facts and information to help make business decisions. Strategy departments and executives are calling for more accurate reports and information on how their businesses are run and for more information on customers."

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