11 ways to cut hidden fat from your IT budget

As the economy takes a turn and IT budget forecasts slip downward, it’s time to tighten up your technical stack — before the CFO comes calling.

When times are good, the harvest is full, the granary bins are overflowing, and it’s easy for an enterprise to gorge freely. When times turn hard and revenue evaporates, well, it’s time to cut back by slicing out those wild expenditures and bold ideas that once made so much sense. It’s not an easy or pleasant task, but if it’s done carefully, the result can be a nimble and efficient organization ready to sail on into the future.

Here are 11 not-so-obvious places to look for fat to cut from IT budgets before the CFO comes calling.

Dump the gimmicks

Does your website include extra data just to make it a bit more useful? Some sites like to roll in stock market quotes, weather forecasts or sports scores to make the experience a bit richer. Others include teasers like, “This hotel has been booked 18 times in the last 47 minutes.”

Clever bits of data and flashy displays are expected in good times — and can sometimes even increase revenue a smidge. But in lean times, they’re an easy target to save money, especially as these “enhancements” are usually supported by a separate microservice running in its own pod. There’s often a frequent background call to an information source or API that charges a subscription. These extra features may make your website more sophisticated, but if the extra fields are just gloss or fun, well, the cost of the data feed, the extra server time and the software maintenance overhead are easy to cut.

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