7 innovative ways to find scarce IT talent

Few are available, yet many are needed. A shortage of qualified specialists is forcing IT leaders to try alternative ways of finding skilled experts in a variety of fields.

7 innovative ways to find scarce IT talent
Artem Peretiatko / Getty Images

Analytics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and numerous other forms of technology disruption are leading to a shortage of qualified experts in fields ranging from software development to networking to security to data analysis and beyond.

As such, acquiring qualified IT talent has become like searching for gold on a mountain overloaded with prospectors. To succeed, IT leaders need sharp vision, perseverance and a fair share of luck.

"We can no longer rely on just posting a job ad or searching for talent on LinkedIn," says Andrew Hunter, co-founder of job search engine developer Adzuna. "We need to take a proactive approach to make sure we stay competitive and find the right talent at the right time."

Here are seven innovative techniques for finding skilled talent in a historically challenging IT hiring market.

1. Leverage internal sources

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