9 lies IT managers tell themselves

You’ve got it all covered: security, budget, stakeholders’ needs. Or do you? These common self-deceptions can come back to haunt your IT initiatives — and your career.

9 lies IT managers tell themselves
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Some lies are necessary. Like that smile you fake when agreeing to a budget cut. But there are lies you tell yourself — either because of optimism or to sleep at night — that are time bombs. And when they come for you, you’re rarely able to cope with the disaster they bring.

Maybe you sat through the morning meeting and believed everything was fine. Or perhaps there’s a crisis percolating that you’d rather not see. Maybe you’re doing math with blinders on. The lies we tell ourselves are pernicious. And often, when you’re the IT manager, no one calls you out on them.

To ferret out these self-delusions, I asked IT managers with a high-level of self-awareness to share the biggest, most insidious lies IT managers tell themselves. They have either lived through consequences, built the tools to help other IT managers cope, or have learned from the school of hard knocks.

Here’s what they told me.

The lie: I’ve got security covered

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