VMware is now even more relevant for AI and HPC

VMware vSphere with Kubernetes and Bitfusion make it easier to run artificial intelligence and high performance computing jobs within your VMware environment

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Today, VMware software is enabling the advance of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing applications on many fronts — from edge to core to cloud. Let’s look as some of the innovations in the VMware portfolio that are helping enterprises push forward with their AI workloads and HPC jobs.


The VMware vSphere® platform now has Kubernetes container orchestration as the control plane to enable cloud-native containerized applications to run side-by-side with traditional applications, such as databases, in the same VMware-virtualized environment. vSphere with Kubernetes builds on the core capabilities of vSphere 7, which delivers simplified lifecycle management, intrinsic security and application acceleration for traditional applications.

vSphere with Kubernetes, available through VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), offers VCF services and application-focused management for streamlined development, agile operations and accelerated innovation. With the combined goodness of vSphere 7 and Kubernetes, you can deploy applications using any combination of virtual machines and containers.


In another breakthrough advance, vSphere now has BitFusion software virtualizing accelerators — from GPUs and more — to quickly and easily deliver accelerators-as-a-service. That’s a huge advantage for data scientists and software developers who are training deep learning models for AI-driven applications.

VMware’s acquisition of BitFusion bolsters VMware’s strategy of supporting AI- and ML-based workloads anywhere by virtualizing hardware accelerators. These accelerators can be used regardless of their location in the environment — including on premises and in the cloud.


VMware vCenter makes it easy to manage containerized workloads alongside traditional virtualized workloads from one console. It gives administrators deep visibility into the configuration of the critical components of a virtual infrastructure, making virtual environments easier to manage. With vCenter, a single administrator can manage hundreds of workloads, more than doubling typical productivity when managing physical infrastructure.


VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to move workloads among clouds — for example, to develop apps anywhere and then move them into production where and when it makes the most sense. Deploying VCF everywhere, you can operate your hybrid environment with the same tools, teams, skills, policies and standards that you use today in your data center. And you can deploy a set of hybrid operations across any cloud.

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