Exploring the economic impact of Ready Solutions for HPC

A new Total Economic Impact™ report from Forrester Consulting validates the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Dell EMC Ready Solutions For HPC.

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When it comes to deploying high performance computing (HPC) systems to run demanding workloads for artificial intelligence and data analytics, IT teams increasingly turn to ready-to-deploy solutions. These engineering-validated systems can help organizations accelerate the deployment of the infrastructure that powers today’s data-intensive workloads.

But what’s the return on investment for these solutions? This is a question that Forrester Consulting addresses in a new report that explores the Total Economic Impact™ of Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC. In this report, commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel, Forrester says that its financial analysis determined that a composite organization, based on Dell Technologies customers the firm interviewed, would receive benefits worth $61 million dollars over three years versus costs of $29 million, for a net present value of $32 million. The expected payback would be achieved in 11 months for an ROI of 111 percent.

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Here is a look at some of Forrester’s key findings:

Quantified benefits

  • Faster time-to-value. “Having tailor-made systems with increased compute power decreased the amount of time needed to solve problems, run experiments, and train models. Faster data throughput allowed organizations to accelerate the time-to-market for new products and services underpinned by HPC research.”
  • Reduced engineering time. “Dell Technologies provided organizations with systems built for their range of specific use cases as well as ongoing support from its HPC and AI Centers of Excellence. With the right tools, and expert support, organizations required less internal support than they needed with previous homegrown solutions.”
  • Increased research efficiency. “Interviewees stated that their organizations’ researchers and data scientists spent more time conducting research and less time waiting for results with their new Dell HPC systems. Increased compute power allowed them to analyze larger data sets at faster speeds, and homogeneous use-case-specific systems ensured they spent less time on configuration.”
  • Reduced operating costs. “Dell’s HPC systems were more efficient than previous solutions the organizations used, requiring less floorspace for hardware and consuming less energy for power and cooling. Having more efficient systems reduced organizational spend needed to operate the HPC environments.”

Unquantified benefits

  • Improved prestige. “Having the newest HPC deployments led to increased organizational prestige and it improved the ability to attract top-tier talent. Organizations in higher education also improved their ability to win grants.”
  • Flexible lease models enable organizational agility. “Dell Technologies offers organizations the option to lease HPC equipment, allowing them to remain agile and scale their deployments up or down in accordance with current needs.”

Prior to using Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC, the customers interviewed for the study used a mixture of homegrown and legacy HPC systems. Forrester notes that these alternatives proved difficult to maintain and did not meet the firms’ growing compute demands. The Ready Solutions for HPC helped the customers overcome these legacy burdens.

“Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC enables organizations to accelerate their science, engineering, analytics, and AI initiatives with a diverse portfolio of products and services curated for individual HPC workload requirements,” Forrester says. “The portfolio contains a wide selection of price and performance optimized hardware, management and orchestration software, and domain-specific services.”

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For the full story, see the Forrester report “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dell EMC Ready Solutions For HPC.” And for a closer look, explore Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC.

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