Here's how Al Safeer keeps up with the rapidly changing retail market

Al Safeer Group CIO Partha Banerjee lays out the giant retailer’s strategy for staying abreast of an evolving market in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated change in the Middle East retail market, as customers increasingly turn to online shopping. For retailers trying to keep up, it's a challenge but also an opportunity – getting it right can mean growing profit but getting it wrong means getting left behind.

Retail giant Al Safeer Group plans to keep up with the rapid evolution of retail by revamping its database infrastructure, speeding up response times on its e-commerce sites, and using automation and AI to optimise business processes.

Last year, the company brought in Partha Banerjee as CIO to drive digital innovation and transformation across their business. It was an important moment, since even before the pandemic hit, shopping habits were changing, forcing retailers to rethink business processes.

"The role of a present-day CIO cannot be limited to technology functions alone," Banerjee says. “Everything in today's world revolves around business and no technology can be effective unless it contributes as a business enabler in terms of facilities, convenience, and most importantly, savings. Hence, I feel it is imperative for every present-day CIO to have a strong understanding of business besides a strong technical knowledge."

banerjee Partha Banerjee

Partha Banerjee is CIO of Al Safeer Group.

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