11 ways to accelerate your software project

Strategic decisions can help accelerate software projects to capitalize on business opportunities — but IT leaders must be mindful of the traps and tradeoffs.

11 ways to accelerate your software project
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Sure, every IT leader and customer wants every software project delivered faster. But fast-tracked development can lead to buggy code, shoddy testing, incomplete solutions, or worse, insecure software. But, while no one wants a failed software project, sometimes certain contexts — market conditions, business needs, windows of opportunity — can justify some measure of tradeoffs in favor of speed.

Software development is not just a logical endeavor. It’s also an art and an integral part of many organizations’ business strategy. Somewhere within those overlapping facets lies the possibility to tune a more efficient development process, if done effectively, fairly, simply and safely. You just have to know the tradeoffs and make decisions that favor streamlining the project over developing the perfect software dream.

Here are 11 strategic decisions IT leaders can consider when seeking to accelerate a particular software project that needs to move quickly.

Control stakeholders’ dreams

Everyone wants input, and stakeholders from the marketing team, shipping department, and accounting all come to the conference room with big dreams. The trick is to find the dreams that are the simplest to fulfill. In one miracle of meetings, my software team discovered that just adding pre-fill default values to one form field would save the data wranglers millions of hours of work. There were hundreds of sales agents filling the form out from scratch thousands of times a day. A few extra characters in the HTML and we were treated like geniuses.

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