How India’s CIOs are adapting to working from home for the long term

Budgets, buildings and bandwidth are all in play as Indian CIOs rethink working from home for the long term.

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For Rustomjee, a Mumbai-based real-estate developer, the traditional nature of the construction sector is a thing of the past. Over the last two years, it has adapted working practices to allow staff to work from anywhere.

Samir VM, corporate head of information systems, Rustomjee Rustomjee

Samir VM, Corporate Head of Information Systems, Rustomjee

“In real estate and construction, the workforce is generally bound to desks, but we empowered most of our employees with remote capability so they could work from any device, any location, and any operating system,” says Samir VM, Rustomjee's corporate head of information systems.

As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic did not disturb the organization's internal work patterns. The company is developing policies and raising awareness so a majority of roles can continue working from home, without employees having to figure out the "how" during challenging times.

Mainstream construction, and human interfacing roles — for instance, when somebody needs a tour of the construction site — will continue operating from the field, while the rest of the staff can work from any location, he says.

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