5 tips for remote IT onboarding

If you’re hiring during the pandemic, onboarding can be tricky. IT leaders share advice for developing a secure, seamless onboarding process for new IT hires at a distance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we get work done, with employees across the world working remotely. And, while some companies are laying off workers or shuttering their doors, others have found themselves in a hiring pinch, scrambling to recruit and onboard enough workers to meet increased demands.

If your company is facing the need for new talent during the pandemic, you might be wondering how to onboard new workers remotely. Since you can’t fly new hires in for onboarding and training, you’ll need to get creative to ensure new workers are acclimated to their roles from day one and feel like a part of the team.

Here are five tips to make a good first impression on your new hires when onboarding online.

Automate what you can

Automation is the easiest way to alleviate mundane tasks, minimize paperwork and get new hires all the information they need seamlessly. Kirsten Wolberg, CTO of DocuSign, says her team utilizes Slackbots to cut down on some of the first day back and forth that can occur with paperwork, onboarding documents and new-hire introductions.

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