8 key IT lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis

IT’s heroic response to the pandemic has highlighted the technologies, strategies and culture necessary to drive success going forward.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a jarring impact on virtually every facet of life and business — including IT. As lockdowns end and many businesses begin to reopen, at least on a limited basis, technology executives are looking for a return to some semblance of normalcy.

For sure, the worldwide health crisis has dramatically changed the way IT departments provide services to their organizations. That includes supporting the massive shift to a work-from-home model that few could have fathomed a few months ago.

As with any other event on this scale, there are lessons to be learned. Here are some of those, shared by IT leaders and other experts.

Organizational agility begins with culture

The past few months have reminded IT leaders that change is inevitable, and that culture plays a big role in adapting to change.

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