Jeddah's International Medical Center taps AI, mobile tech in pandemic

IMC has launched an AI smart reporting and wellness app, and now looks forward to deploying software robots and cloud tech to achieve efficiencies in a time of cost-cutting.

muhammad siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui/IMC

The coronavirus pandemic has caused enterprises in all business sectors to confront huge uncertainty about future revenue and spending, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals, though, are at the epicentre of the pandemic and in many cases have accelerated investments in technology as a practical matter, to deal with the devastation that the coronavirus has brought to patients.

Even before the pandemic hit, hospital executives understood that technology would be crucial in the their efforts to better serve their patients. In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health launched a broad Digital Health Strategy initiative to support the kingdom's Vision 2030 development plan to diversify its economy.

Partly as a result of these initiatives, hospitals in Saudi Arabia have been implementing a range of technology, including standard and specialized applications. These include ERP and CRM as well as EMR (electronic medical records) and PACS (picture archiving and communications systems).

Now, forward-thinking tech leaders in healthcare have their sights set on emerging technology.

AI can improve patient outcome

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