Business-friendly rules, infrastructure make UAE a Gulf IT talent magnet

Though the pandemic has hit the UAE hard, a liberalised regulatory regime and emphasis on private-sector participation continue to make the Emirates a top destination for tech talent in the Middle East, according to a new Velocity Global report.

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Business-friendly regulations, investment in technology, relatively good connectivity  and a first-class transportation infrastructure, continue to keep the UAE at the forefront of Middle Eastern and African locations that are attracting foreign tech talent and companies, according to a new report from Velocity Global, a recruitment and professional employment organization (PEO).

Having been hit hard by the pandemic, the UAE's high rank relative to other Middle East and African countries on Velocity's 2020 Global Expansion Tech Index should be good news for the country's private enterprises and government entities, which rely heavily on foreign workers to do technology jobs, and also for the Emirates' business culture, which favours face-to-face meetings and personal relations.

In particular the coronavirus has dampened the economy of Dubai, which depends heavily on tourism and real estate; the postponement by a year of the giant Dubai Expo, an officially designated world's fair and a showcase for IoT (internet of things) that had been scheduled to start in October, has been an especially heavy blow.

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