CIOs rethink the 18-month IT plan, post-COVID

The dramatic events of 2020 have IT leaders adjusting mid-range roadmaps on the fly, fast-tracking productivity, automation and customer initiatives while forgoing previously planned upgrades.

CIOs rethink the 18-month IT plan, post-COVID
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Darrell Fernandes and his technology team meet twice yearly to review the 18-month roadmap that drives them toward the company’s north star — the vision of where it wants to be five years out.

But Fernandes, who is head of product technology for TIAA, a financial services firm, had some detours recently, as he and his staff focused on supporting the capabilities and functions needed to respond to COVID-19 and work-from-home mandates.

In fact, Fernandes says the dramatic events prompted him to shift about $10 million worth of initiatives within the technology portfolio, moving up and fast-tracking automation projects, interactive chat and other plans that improved the company’s ability to serve its customers while deferring infrastructure improvements that weren’t as urgently needed.

Now, as TIAA heads into the second half of 2020 and everyone settles into new norms, Fernandes says he’s revisiting the 18-month roadmap and the five-year plan.

Changes are ahead.

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