4 tips for quick automation wins

COVID-19 has enterprises eyeing automation to streamline operations and solve business issues spurred by the pandemic. IT leaders share tips for achieving quick, sustainable success.

4 tips for quick automation wins
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IT automation is nothing new. Enterprises for years have looked for ways to reduce or eliminate manual processes that can slow down service delivery, introduce errors into systems, and increase costs.

But the idea of automating all types of processes seems to have taken on a greater sense of urgency of late, as IT organizations continue to grapple with the monumental impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, which finds them under more pressure to keep costs down while supporting enormous numbers of newly remote, home-based workers as a consequence of workplace lockdowns.

Whether it’s a matter of launching IT automation initiatives for the first time or accelerating activities in this area, automation is playing a big role at companies — and likely will continue to in a post-pandemic business world.

While many of the automation initiatives might take years to show the full benefit, companies are also looking to establish quick wins with their automation efforts, addressing key problems that have risen in the wake of COVID-19. Here IT leaders share hard-earned tips for achieving quick, sustainable IT automation success.

Create and leverage cross-functional workgroups

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