Elevating the Multi-Cloud Discussion

Elevating the Multi-Cloud Discussion

Multi-cloud is a reality for most IT shops today. According to the 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey, 55% of organizations currently use multiple public clouds and, for a variety of reasons, that trend will continue unabated. But creating a true multi-cloud architecture goes beyond just spreading workloads across public and private cloud platforms. IT leaders need to wrestle with issues of governance, compliance, workload/ data portability, security, and management, among a host of other challenges.

IDG recently held three CIO Think Tank virtual roundtables with senior executives from some of the country’s biggest financial services organizations in order to understand better the opportunities and hurdles of creating a multi-cloud platform. These IT and security pros — along with IDC Research Director Deepak Mohan, IDG B2B Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr, and cloud executives Deepak Patil and Bradd Lewis from Dell Technologies — shared their perspectives on the drivers of multi-cloud, the lessons learned from their own deployments, and their thoughts on how multi-cloud should develop in the coming year. We produced an in-depth Roadmap Report laying out the course ahead for multi-cloud, as well as identifying the top five challenges of managing multi-cloud.

But we want to continue — and widen — the conversation. We know that as you develop your own multi-cloud strategy, guidance from trusted thought leaders is truly valuable. That’s why we’ve launched an exclusive multi-cloud forum — within the IDG TECH(talk) Community — for tech leaders to share their experiences, gain insights, and find targeted content to help them move forward more quickly. The forum is open to participants with real experience and involvement in developing cloud strategies for their organizations.  

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Members receive weekly emails inviting them to participate in real-time chat sessions, survey polls, and discussion boards. Members can even earn rewards as a thank you for their time and input. They also have the opportunity to view the most relevant cloud content and interact with writers from the IDG editorial brands, including CIO, CSO, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and Network World.

For example, we’ve already posted an executive summary of the 2020 IDG Cloud Computing survey mentioned at the outset here. You’ll be able to see how you stack up against peers in cloud spending, the number of public cloud services deployed, adoption of containers and Kubernetes, and much, much more.

In short, the IDG Multi-Cloud Community will serve as a vital resource for you as you navigate your own road to multi-cloud. We hope you’ll join us to share your ideas and insights. For more information about becoming a member of the Community or other related questions, email us at moderator@idgtechtalk.com.

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