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As a technology provider, we are always a few steps ahead. We are following new developments, trends and techniques and evaluating their potential for playing a role in helping organizations creating a happy and loyal customer by delighting their customers with the best service and assistance possible.

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Independent consultant Steven van Belleghem presents an interesting vision on the customer experience of the day after tomorrow in this IDG webinar. He sees two main reasons why the digital era is about to have a real breakthrough. First of all, Covid-19 has given the world a crash course in digital because there were no other options. And second, we can learn from earlier revolutions (industrial, steam, mass production) that deployment sears to great heights as the result of a recession.

Day After Tomorrow Steven van Belleghem

In combination with upcoming technologies as AI, 5G, quantum computing and robotics Steven van Belleghem sees a CX (customer experience) that is predictive, faster than real time, hyper personalized and convenient.

His advice? Start imagining the ultimate CX and reverse engineer the process to achieve that goal.

At Genesys we totally agree and are eager to walk through this process together with you. Let us travel along the three investment tracks Steven recommends and show what is already possible.

Data leverage

Integration is key, especially when we talk about data. A lot or organizations still have very disparaged data because siloed systems. Integrating systems for CRM, digital marketing, sales and customer service is step one. But equally important is to be able to follow the conversation with the customer from channel to channel. If your customer grabs the phone and vents his complaint – can your agent see that this person used the webform yesterday, sent an email that morning and a direct message via Twitter? Or does the customer have to start telling his story from scratch?

If you have a true omnichannel contact center all this information is at the fingertips of your agents, empowering them to deliver a personalized experience focusing at the specific question and situation for the customer.

Integrated data is also the basis of useful intelligence to support good management decisions on anything from marketing to sales to contact center management. For instance, based on historical data Genesys Predictive Engagement can decide the best moment to approach a website visitor with an offer or assistance to realize the conversion from prospect to buyer.


In our view the customer is always in the lead, which includes the choice of communication channel. You need to be there where the customer expects you to be, whether it is on the phone, chat, email or on a physical location.

Connecting them to the right resource should be easy and intuitive. No endless IVR choices but AI driven speech recognition in combination with skills-based routing for instance, ensuring the best available agent gets to answer the issue. On top of this we can also deliver predictive routing; routing based on predefined KPI’s. Predictive routing is AI assisted and will intervene skills based routing if the outcome of that routing decision will improve the defined KPI.

It sounds very futuristic: but that best agent might be a bot. With speech recognition it is possible to create a fluent self-service process for relatively simple, recurring requests. A good example is in this video where a customer is recognized by her phone number and asked if she calls about her most recent order. The bot understands her answer and reacts by initiating the return process including a confirmation email. Another good example is a human agent handing off the processing of a credit card payment to an automated process, based on speech recognition and text to speech, thus ensuring security and compliance of the financial transaction.

From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence

But it keeps getting better when humans and bots are really teaming together. This is what Steven van Belleghem calls Augmented Intelligence where the agent handles the interaction and is supported by suggestions from the system. Through speech and text analysis the system can retrieve relevant information from the knowledge base while the agent talks to the customer. It helps answer questions but can also suggest up sell and cross sell opportunities.

These are just a few examples of what is already possible at this moment. Share your vision today of the customer experience you want to be able to offer the day after tomorrow and we will help you build it.

Just call, mail or send me a message.

Terrence Hotting, Senior Solution Consultant at Genesys Benelux
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