Reskilling revolution: Enterprises accelerate remote learning amid pandemic

To keep ahead of the digital curve, Shell, S&P Global and BMW are embracing MOOCs to train staff in emerging technologies.

Reskilling revolution: Enterprises accelerate remote learning amid pandemic

Reskilling is emerging as a critical initiative for IT leaders looking to strengthen their staffs for the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. And in accordance with social distancing practices, the training is happening 100 percent remotely.

Companies are beefing up their virtual learning strategies to augment skills in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud and other technologies for which talent is in short supply. That gap, combined with the rapid evolution of technologies that can provide a digital edge, has companies investing in training current employees. The idea is to better prepare workers to accommodate changing business requirements, thus enabling the companies to better compete.

“The lifetime of digital skills is getting shorter and shorter,” Daniel Jeavons, general manager of the data science program at Shell, tells “By adopting new skilling approaches we can support our workforce needs, while evolving to embrace new opportunities ahead.” 

Fear and uncertainty triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak has heightened urgency around reskilling. Forty-three percent of employers added more courses, training material or users to their reskilling programs during the coronavirus outbreak, according to a poll of 282 hiring managers and other executives at various companies conducted by researcher Talent LMS.

MOOCs are having their moment

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