Digitally disrupting distribution: Inside Ingram Micro’s innovation agenda

As CIO of Asia-Pacific at Ingram Micro, Michelle Wu is shaping the digital transformation efforts of the largest distributor in the region—and the world.

michelle wu ingram micro
Ingram Micro

In operating as the largest distributor of technology products and solutions across Asia-Pacific, as well as the world, Ingram Micro stands tall as a supply chain titan. Nudging $50 billion in worldwide revenue, the logistics giant serves more than 200,000 customers through a portfolio housing more than 1,700 vendors, spanning hardware, software and cloud. In Asia-Pacific, more than 800 vendor products are distributed to more than 30,000 customers from regional headquarters in Singapore, from warehouse to user deployment.

For a technology distributor at such scale, depth and capabilities, a commitment to digitalisation is paramount. To do that, “we have strategic programs that aim to increase our digital engagements with vendors while also improving our resellers’ experience,” said Michelle Wu, CIO and executive director of Asia-Pacific at Ingram Micro. “We are prioritising our go-to-market capabilities in Asia Pacific, alongside becoming lean and embracing automation.”

“With Lean [methodology], we are working on a roadmap to modernise our infrastructure network and manage infrastructure and operations risks with proactive monitoring and diagnostics scores,” Wu said. “We also want to help move into a data-driven culture, and to achieve that, we’re setting up the foundation and roadmap of data-as-a-service [DaaS] as a top priority. This is in addition to working on migrating our on-premises data stack to our global data warehouse in the cloud, alongside establishing data management and governance and publishing the guidelines for a data consumption model.”

Wu also told CIO ASEAN of unveiled plans to enhance web positioning at a regional level, supported by an increased focus on B2B e-commerce offerings and the deployment of global enterprise systems.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience—and an enviable CV spanning executive roles in America, Middle East and Asia Pacific—Wu currently leads a team of more than 145 technical associates across the region, shaped by a strategic list of agenda items.

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