COVID-19 shines spotlight on data and analytics in healthcare

New Zealand’s Āwhina app has put tailored information into the hands of health workers, presenting an opportunity for CIOs to up their data game.

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COVID-19 has put a laser focus on how data and analytics are powerful tools for New Zealand’s healthcare CIOs to predict, prepare and respond in a proactive and coordinated manner to a global health crisis. Data has been used throughout the pandemic to document the spread of the virus and  project the curve.

Responses and actions to mitigate viral spread hinge on real-time data collection, governance and analysis for instant decision making. The exchange of reliable, real-time data between government and local health authorities has been proven vital.

The Ministry of Health’s Āwhina app has put tailored COVID-19 information—such as the latest case definitions, clinical care pathways or personal protective equipment guidance—into the hands of the country’s health workers.

Yet, while some data and analytics applications have been highly impactful, the crisis has also highlighted ways that data could have been used more effectively.

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