Reimagining your organization as an intelligent enterprise

Companies that did the work to become flexible, adaptable, and anticipatory have been well-positioned to respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. It's not too late for your organization to make that shift. Here's how to start.

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Even before COVID-19, disruption was a constant threat to most businesses. In fact, Accenture research shows three-quarters of executives feel that the pace of disruption has increased over the past three years. And a full 93% said their company’s very existence is jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace.

Now, one of the biggest global events of our lifetime, the COVID-19 crisis is fundamentally changing human behaviors, supply chains and routes to market. While some shifts are temporary, others will be permanent — and many for the better. As an example, we’re seeing some companies using technology in new ways, adopting agile ways of working, and transforming value chains to help outmaneuver uncertainty. In short, they are becoming what we call intelligent enterprises.

What is an intelligent enterprise?

An intelligent enterprise is an organization that is flexible, able to anticipate and adapt to shifting business conditions, customer expectations, stakeholder demands and ecosystem potential. Digital at its core, underpinned by technology and analytics, and centered around transformative purpose, an intelligent enterprise is capable of dynamic self-management and continual adaptation, including changes to its operating model. Top-down decision-making becomes a thing of the past because teams are empowered.

Intelligent enterprises have three key attributes:

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