The CIO Show: Vendor relationships in Australia: The good, the bad and the ugly

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We all know too well the many high-profile stories of big tech projects failing to deliver for the client, going way over budget and over time or both.

The public sector here in Australia has seen some spectacular tech failures, from the robodebt debacle, the MyGov website crash as Australians who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 looked for a lifeline, and the QLD Health payroll scandal to name a few. 

The private sector has seen its fair share of tech failures too. Typically it’s vendors that cop the blame. And often rightly so.

Many people see the Australian subsidiaries of global vendors as glorified sales offices and not innovators. Of course, from the vendor’s point of view, some customers can be nightmares to work with too.

 In this episode of The CIO Show, CIOs and vendors discuss the good and bad of enterprise technology projects and what needs to happen if the industry is to fix its poor track record of failures.

We speak to Will Sessions, head of technology and innovation at the Australian National Maritime Museum; and Rowan Dollar, chief information officer at the Department of Human Services South Australia.

We also speak to Nathan Knight, director and general manager, at Lenovo's ANZ Data Centre Group; Cameron Deatsch, chief revenue officer at Atlassian; as well as market analyst, Tim Sheedy, who is principal advisor at Ecosystm.


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