4 hot project management trends — and 4 going cold

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating a number of project management trends already under way — and greatly altering long-held practices that no longer seem as relevant as remote work rises.

4 hot project management trends — and 4 going cold

Project management is a slippery target. Once the realm of project managers (PMs) armed with a tracking tool like Microsoft Project, an office, a travel budget, and the 411 on excellent meeting space all over the globe, it has become a role — a mindset even — that’s better served by deep knowledge, leadership skills, negotiation tactics, and an empowered (and now probably remote) team.

Even before the pandemic hit, project management was going through a sea change. But the remote nature of our new normal has accelerated and morphed that change so rapidly that trends are going hot and cold before our eyes.

To get a bead on what’s hot — and what’s not — in project management, we spoke to PMs who are living at the cutting edge of this change. They share what trends are rising, which are falling, and what’s fantastic — or disappointing — about these trends.

Hot: Remote collaboration tools

The pandemic has pushed people — not just those in technical jobs — to use tools many have long resisted. And a funny thing happened. They got comfortable with them. They discovered that the digital tools we techies have been using for ages allowed them to be highly productive, while staying closer to home and family. After people go back to the office — in whatever fashion they do — this is likely to continue. And that is changing everything.

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