Best bang for your IT budget

With budgets uncertain and project priorities pivoting in the wake of the pandemic, IT leaders are finding several key areas worth investing in.

Best bang for your IT buck
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For many IT departments, the pandemic and its economic repercussions have led to constrained spending on technology products and services — if not outright budget cuts.

This is leading many IT leaders to rethink their strategies on a short-term and medium-term basis. The current environment is forcing tech executives to consider which areas cannot afford any cutting, and where they might want to direct spending to get the most out of their IT dollars.

Much of the shift in IT spending these days has to do with supporting the vast numbers of people now working from home. While some workers have returned to corporate offices as regions move out of lockdown, IT leaders are anticipating that a good number of employees will be working remotely for the foreseeable future — and they are planning accordingly.

Here are some of the areas IT leaders deem to be most important from a budget standpoint, or where their organizations will most likely gain a solid return on investment (ROI) in the coming months.

Remote work and employee/customer access

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