IHS Markit makes bold bet on public cloud during the pandemic

Despite uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, IHS Markit stuck with its strategy to move compute resources to AWS. IHS CIO Chad Moss offers tips for IT leaders making similar migrations.

IHS Markit makes bold bet on public cloud during the pandemic
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As the coronavirus forced businesses to close in March, IHS Markit faced a difficult decision. The company, which provides data analytics services, had hoped to offload the bulk of its compute functions to the public cloud beginning in 2020, but the pandemic raised key questions.

Would the tech team be able to execute its cloud migration while helping 16,000 employees transition to remote work? Would an enterprise-scale cloud migration even be wise after CEO Lance Uggla decided the company should manage a downside scenario and work feverishly to take cost out of the business?

IHS leadership decided the business and tech teams, working in concert, could pull it off, says CIO Chad Moss, whose organization helped with the migration. “It was a big bold decision,” Moss tells CIO.com.

The decision stands out as ambitious at a time when most organizations are postponing new projects and re-evaluating ongoing projects against their time to cash and value. Yet while companies are cutting costs and hoarding cash, spending on all manner of cloud software continues to soar, says Gartner analyst John-David Lovelock. Recent earnings results from Amazon, Microsoft and Google back this position, with the three vendors reporting boosts in cloud revenues.

Finding clarity in the cloud

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