American Hospital Dubai revamps EHR, ERP to streamline operations

American Hospital Dubai is moving to SaaS-based ERP and a new electronic health records system to optimise operations and make better-informed decisions for successful clinical outcomes.

american hospital dubai
American Hospital Dubai

The global outbreak of COVID-19 19 has highlighted the need for healthcare providers to rethink how they deliver services, forcing them to increase the pace of technology adoption. Due to the pandemic, the UAE and Saudi health-related ICT services market is seeing a boost, with 67 percent of healthcare CIOs ramping up spending on hybrid cloud infrastructures, according to IDC.

The recent uptick in spending on tech is driven by health and safety concerns within hospital campuses, but is also part of a more general wave of digital transformation in the healthcare field to adopt systems to optimise costs, streamline operations and improve clinical outcomes.

This heightened demand for operational efficiency and rapidly deployed digital solutions makes the utilization of cloud-based environments critical.

UAE aims for healthcare leadership

UAE’s leadership has for some time aimed for global leadership in healthcare; government initiatives have helped put the UAE at the forefront of advancing healthtech in the Middle East and North Africa.

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